Hello! I am an Indian Mum based out of Sydney who works full-time and is passionate about food. ‘Khane ke Bahane’ literally translates in English to ‘Excuses to Eat’, which is what we foodies look for, all the time.  I believe anybody can cook fingerlickingly good food as long as you have the right recipe and you follow it right. If you have got little or no experience in cooking, then this blog is for YOU!

I inherited the love for food and cooking from my Mum who, in turn, got it from her mother, my grandma who we adorably called Nani Maa. This blog is dedicated to these two great women in my life who are not only the source of my recipes but most importantly, they are the inspiration behind my passion for cooking.

Of course, the appreciation provided by a very encouraging Dad, a foodie Brother, a supportive Bhabhi, a darling Husband and many adoring friends has always been a big motivator.

I am neither an expert nor have I received any formal training in cooking. Other than some culinary adventures of my own, I have learnt cooking mostly from my mother. In my generation, mothers would pass on family recipes to daughters by show-and-tell. Daughters would make notes in diaries and when away, make phone calls to Mum to get that secret recipe. Today’s generation has got the internet.

As a mother, I too, wish to pass on my recipes to my daughter (who is still a toddler) so that she too can experience the sense of pride and accomplishment that comes from cooking your own meals; from taking the ingredients and combining them to create eye-catching and mouth-watering dishes that please your family and friends. This blog is an attempt to document my recipes for her. I wish my little daughter is also fond of cooking when she grows up!

The variety in the Indian cuisine is mind-boggling and the possibilities are endless. In this blog, I will be sharing recipes that I love to cook and my family loves to eat. The recipes will be vegetarian, mostly Indian though we have included quite a few international recipes into our meals.

One of my objectives is also to show how one can create finger-licking dishes without spending hours cooking or having a plethora of gadgets and ingredients in the kitchen. The pictures will all be mobile-clicked; no prepared-in-advance ingredients and no fancy cookware. It will be about how you cook every day at home, something like a reality show!

Hope this blog inspires you to start your culinary adventures and experience the pure joy of cooking.

Let’s get started!

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